A story of threads and dreams

Explore the world with style and comfort: discover the handicrafts of the Andes

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Each Andean craft tells a unique story, handwoven with passion and tradition.

Find the perfect Andean handicrafts, add a unique touch to your outfit.


Bring life to your spaces with a work of art

I have created a series of works that tell stories and reflect the complexity of the human experience with a surprising approach to Latin American aesthetics.

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With each purchase, the conservation of ancestral culture is promoted

Our Mission

Welcome to www.kaiartisans.com! I am Kelin Alexandra Ariza Rios, a passionate medical professional who decided to explore a completely different facet at a time of personal pain that was like a storm that shook my life, but was also the catalyst that sparked my desire to reinvent myself and explore. new Horizons.

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