Kelin Alexandra Ariza Rios and kaiartisans

Welcome to www.kaiartisans.com! I am Kelin Alexandra Ariza Rios, a passionate medical professional who decided to explore a completely different facet at a time of personal pain that was like a storm that shook my life, but was also the catalyst that sparked my desire to reinvent myself and explore new Horizons. 

My mission

In the midst of adversity, I found an opportunity to create something unique and special. My inspiration came from my mother, who shared with me her dream of bringing an authentic sample of Colombian culture to Puerto Rico through the beautiful Wayuu bags. These bags, with their incomparable beauty, are not easy to find elsewhere and represent a way to promote indigenous talent and encourage the trade of handcrafted products, which have a unique value and history.

With www.kaiartisans.com, my goal is to make known the magic of Colombian Wayuu bags, an art worthy of admiring, knowing, appreciating and valuing. Each bag that you find here is the result of an extraordinary effort and work, carrying with it the expression of a people and their culture.

As a medical professional, I am used to caring for and healing people physically, but I also strongly believe in the importance of caring for the spirit and soul. Through www.kaiartisans.com, I want to offer each person the opportunity to take with them a little piece of history, culture and beauty in the form of a unique Colombian Wayuu bags. Each handwoven thread represents a special connection to indigenous artisans and their dedication to preserving ancient traditions.

At www.kaiartisans.com you will find a careful selection of Colombian Wayuu bags of the highest quality and design, all of them with a unique story to tell. By making a purchase, you will not only be acquiring an exceptional handcrafted piece, but also supporting these indigenous communities and contributing to their development and cultural preservation. I am proud to be able to publicize the richness and beauty of these Colombian Wayuu bags, and show a unique and captivating art.

At www.kaiartisans.com, you’ll find art to behold and an opportunity to take a bit of history and tradition with you on every adventure you undertake.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of passion, resilience, and love for culture. Welcome to www.kaiartisans.com With love, Kelin Alexandra Ariza Rios

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