Colombian Wayuu Bag


Wayuu bags are Colombian artisanal pieces hand-woven by the indigenous people of La Guajira, a region in northern Colombia. These bags are true works of art, and each one tells a unique story through their intricate designs and vibrant colors.

Wayuu women spend approximately 10 days weaving these bags with cotton threads using the crochet technique. The process begins with selecting the colors and patterns to be used on the bag, which often reflects aspects of the culture and daily life of the Wayuu communities. Then they start weaving from the bottom of the bag and work upwards, creating a complex pattern that gradually develops.

Wayuu bags are known for their durability and versatility. In addition to being beautiful, they are functional and are used to carry all types of objects, from food to personal items. These bags have gained international recognition and are a symbol of the rich artisan tradition of the Wayuu indigenous people in Colombia. Each bag is a unique masterpiece that reflects the skill and creativity of Wayuu weavers.

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Dimensions25 × 30 cm